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First, a thank you for the excellent and useful adjunct to EXCEL. I seem to discover a new use every day – and I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface to utilize XLQ’s full potential. If you always reply so quickly to questions, I will have to believe that you supply the best and fastest support of any software company. I just wanted to say, that I very much like your xlq package. I have tried many similar products and this is by far the best I have come across. Simple, fuss-free setup, integrates well with Excel, and has its own stand alone interface to track your portfolio throughout the day.

  • An article on how to capture activities on screen as a movie file using Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9.
  • This article provides a program to demonstrate how to pass WCF transactions to COM+.
  • Edit individual GridView cells without putting the entire row into edit mode.Examples using the SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource controls are included.
  • A prototype application for cross-referencing and indexing files, URL’s.
  • Minds.com is a blockchain-based social network where users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using it.
  • This is a simple to use custom button control, but with a lot of visual design options.

No professional athlete would stop short for five seconds before scoring a touchdown, sinking a basket, or blasting a goal. Similarly, no statistical-based sports simulation game should require users to stare anxiously at a computer screen as they wait for game results to load. How to build a multi-purpose Web Service for recieving multiple data feeds. An article on data validation with a flat file schema generated in Flat File Checker. Provides an overview of Web services from the perspective of a developer. In this article, we will see how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN to acquire, edit images, and upload them to Microsoft SharePoint.

Spell Code is a must-have add-in for all VS.NET developers looking to check the spelling of any text inside the .NET IDE. Check spelling in any code window, Windows Form, UserControl and ASPX, ASCX, HTML and RESX files. ANTS Profiler allows you to identify slow lines of code in .NET applications within 5 minutes of installation, allowing you to get on with what you do best – writing code. ANTS Profiler allows you to identify slow lines of code in .NET applications within 5 minutes of installation, allowing you to get on with what you do best – writing code. This article explores software architectural improvements for creating a library of controls deployed in Windows Forms, Wonderware InTouch, and WinCC.

However, for smaller companies and software developers, establishing a similar reputation amongst customers can be a challenge. Extended Validation is that extra push of confidence that you https://cryptolisting.org/ are giving your users that they can trust the software that they are going to download. Extended validation code signing makes sure that your software becomes trusted by all globally.

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A systematic approach has to be developed in order to calculate the workload and setup a standard. Building a list control that allows anything to be added to it. Building COM components that can be called from any IDE that supports COM with MATLAB COMBuilder toolbox. We will create a very simple web chat application using the latest ASP.Net 3.5 technologies from scratch. In this article, we will create a form region that shows all contacts within the same category.

How to read audio, video devices and codecs installed on a PC via DirectShow. How to display a bitmap in your MFC SDI application using FreeImage. This sample show how to access the information retrieved by running Auditpol. In this article, I introduce a very simple way to parse an expression. The Command Pattern and Chain of Responsibility for implementing a plug-in Thread Pool library.

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This tutorial demonstrates how to add webservices, multithreading, and XAML to VB6 projects. It also provides custom C# Interop UserControl templates for use with the Toolkit. Smoothly panning and zooming very large images can be a challenge. Here’s a control, with source code, that demonstrates one way of overcoming this challenge, as well as a few “Extra” image processing features. It’s easy to work with XML files this way, since you have that Tags in the code, but it’s also quicker to access information rather than the traditional methods.

This article provides a program to demonstrate how to pass WCF transactions to COM+. How to load settings from app.config without recompiling the code. An article description of a C# class that implements the standard POP3 commands. A simple way to manage a project and show progress on a Gantt chart.

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This article shows how to use FTDI API to interact with the devices, which have FTDI chip within. Shows how to use OpenCV to write videos, how to implement mouse events, and presents some commands on image manipulation as well. This class takes care of the child window placement when you resize an MFC dialog. A sample C++ project that uses DES to combine two or more AVI files. Using Windows resources to localize an application at runtime. This tool captures a screen shot of anything on your desktop, like a picture or a section of webpage.

CM_ConfigBuilder generates and compiles the required files to manage your application’s settings/preferences and to store/retrieve them in XML format. This article provides a program to demonstrate how to save and load all control values to user settings. This tool analyses the IL of a list of assemblies, looking for types, methods, and fields that are not used by another list of assemblies.

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If you were on the fence about adding mscript to your arsenal of system tools, have another look. This article describes how to use Windows transactions to recursively delete a registry tree under a registry subkey and then the subkey itself. This is an article to help you clean up browser processes during automated Selenium testing. Thanks to Chakra , it is now possible to host one of the fastest JavaScript engines inside any Universal Windows Platform application. Draw your vectors using a new, ActiveX based hardware accelerated interface. We are going to enable your application to write entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, elevating your application when necessary.

Interactive Design Time Control Overlays to make editing custom controls easier. This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a WebDAV server in VB.NET. A Yahoo! messenger clone application built with Silverlight and its Duplex Polling WCF service.

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Creating a list of customers is very common task when creating business applications. Article demonstrates how simple it is to create a mobile application using Resco MobileForms Toolkit that shows a list of customers with search capabilities and professional look. Understand the relationship between your .NET code, the database, and HTTP requests, with ANTS Performance Profiler from Red Gate. Access all the performance data you need to solve the problem in a single tool.

This page has been added to simplify working with symbols from the different sources, and will include common and unique symbol format examples per source. Comodo Code Signing Certificate with Extended Validation brings additional layers of software security like a disciplined process and next-generation two-factor authentication. Renew your Code Signing certificate immediately with just a few short streamlined steps. Complete your Code Signing certificate renewal within a just few minutes or seconds. Never miss another renewal again with our expert help and tools.

Inject your 4.5 framework .NET application into a C++ unmanaged host application – fast, secure & without any extra tool or library. The win32 subsystem often returns pointers to objects that need to be deallocated by the caller. In this article, I show a way to do this reliably and in an exception-safe manner. This article introduces and describes a framework that allows the creation of managed plug-ins for the Total Commander file manager.

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Introduces the XCD format that describes cars as collections grouped by Make and Year, and provides an API ported into a COM library to access the collections. Explains how to use managed code to detect which .NET Framework versions and service packs are installed. Standard refactoring techniques coupled with automated refactoring tool provide excellent platform for legacy VB code upgrade. Legacy VB code suffers poor structure and bloated code due to lack of inheritance and other OO capabilities. Passing values from a popup window back to the parent page is an often asked question.

Includes user definable menus, ASCII character windows, save/restore a screen worth of characters, 256 console color combinations, and a smart coloring. An article presenting a library for producing communication based application utilising the MSN Messenger services and protocols. A threaded application to identify if system VB6 OCX files are exploitable and generate a batch file to register updated OCX controls. ocx token price Optimization on speed of sorting and an amount of used memory is applied. How self-describing components can emerge from responsibility-driven development practices, and how use of the Visual Studio ‘code regions’ tool can add value to this process. In his article, we will consider an interesting, universal and rarely used method of code injection into a Windows process using KnownDlls sections.

SQLite is very suitable for memory constraint systems like WinCE, Palms, Smart Phones, embedded devices and also normal single user desktop applications. Using a set of classes to access SmartCard readers, to test SmartCards via scripts – even to transmit APDUs one by one. It’s a simple dialog based Screen Capture that uses Global Mouse Hooks to capture the area selected by user, controls( i.e. Buttons, etc.), and any other Window. This article will show how to selectively add a Console window to Win32 or even MFC programs for debugging purposes. This article shares my experiences setting up an Open Source tool chain for developing C++ applications. An in-depth reference of how to build performance-oriented applications in WPF for both Windows and the Web.

VMS is a windows service developed in .Net that monitors a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe database. Learn how error reporting works and how to add it to you software in 3 simple steps. Not only is it easy for you to implement, you’ll also provide your end-users with a one-click solution to report exception/bugs when they occur, incl. The debugging data you need to reproduce the problem and fix it.

The goal of this article is to describe a more or less generic way to access .NET managed objects from a native C++ application. A quick introduction into the development of custom controls in plain Win32 API. This article explains how to create a dynamic library that loads exported functions the first time they are used, opposed to loading them when the library is loaded. In this article, I’ll present how to work with the ribbon quick access toolbar. This article talks about basics of event logging followed by the implementation details of how we can log messages effectively by using a custom log-file, event sources and event categories. Finally, it mentions the usefullness of troubleshooting links in error messages.

A sample of collaboration between MSRS service and WinForm application by means of WCF services. This article explains how to perform tasks within the Active Directory in a Windows 2000+ network. A flexible framework for user-friendly ASP.NET exception handling, and automatically notifying developers of problems before users do. Change the colors used to render Menu-, Tool,- ContextMenu-, and Status strip controls during design-time. Well, by now everybody has read the article and either laughed or defended it.